WW2 Original German radio with original valves

Wonderful bakelite German radio.Third Reich Valve Radio Waffen Marked Bakelite
Found in Belgium but had come from plundered items from the fall of Nazi Germany.
I have only seen one before in US Holocaust Museum.
DKE 38 Deutsher kleinempfanger (German small radio) manufactured by G. S chlub 1938 until 1944.
Nicknamed Goebbels Schnauze (snout).
It is 24cm x 24cm and 13cm deep.
Dials and front in great condition. There is damage on left side back two corners so is not very visible for display.
The cable is very worn in places so I would not recommend plugging in unless cabling is replaced.
I didn't want to remove original cable.
The nazi eagle is present on the front and on inside. the back wooden cover has incredible drilled pattern of what appears to be an Edelweiss.
One can only imagine the propaganda that came out of this radio and the final days of the Reich the radio was the primary source of news and information for the people all be it controlled by Goebbels.
£280 or best offer.

Michael Pirie: 07958 350712

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