WWII Bofors 40mm AA Gun

Up for sale is this beautifull 40mm Anti-aircraft canon made by the Otis-Fensom Elevator Company in Canada.
These quick-fire canons could shoot 120 rounds per minute.
The gun carriage & the Mk.1 Breach are made in 1943.
Wheelbase is produced in 1942.
Tyres are brand new.
The AA gun comes with two clips of 40mm ammunition, the hard top rain cover to place over the feeder, a camouflage net, the ground anchors and a ammo crate.
The gun is one of the survivors and hasn't been modified after the war.
Currently not deactivated.
We can assist in worldwide shipping, spoken languages:Nederlands, English, a little bit of French.

Eddy and Ben Liekens: 0032 157 57474

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