Sd.-Kfz 7 Project - frame, Maybach engine and many parts

Sd.-Kfz 7 Project - frame, Maybach engine and many parts.

Sd.- Kfz 7. for sale or exchange
Wanted 12t parts Sd.-Kfz 8.

Parts, Vierling - Flak wanted.

Completely overhauled Maybach HL 64 engine. Pistons, bearings, valves all new.

8 tonner frames, driving wheels, wheels, winch, steering,

Sheet metal parts, a lot of chassis parts, brakes, and more.

I only send photos of other parts to real interested parties.

Sale only in one package. Price 130.000 €

Inquiries please by e-mail.


Exchange is possible.

I am looking for parts for 12 t Sd.Kfz 8,

Maybach 12 cylinder engine HL 85 /120 parts

Vierling - Flak parts or complete.

Parts: Variorex 1 Tonner -Sd. Kfz 10 Gearbox

Pneumatics and mechanical.


Reiner Lissek: 0049 171 3222141

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