Vixen FV722 Very Rare Scout vehicle

This is a Vixen FV722. The vehicle built to replace the Ferret scout car. In 1975 the British Government cancelled the order of 1069 Vixen vehicles which were to have served as a reconnaissance / liaison vehicle to all combat arms of the British Army.
Vixen is all aluminium and powered by a 4.2L militarized Jaguar twin overhead cam motor together with a five speed Wilson preselect gearbox (both forward and reverse) through a fluid coupling with constant drive to all wheels and 4 wheel disc brakes, weighing in at 6.5 tonnes with a maximum speed in excess of 100kph.
Of the two Vixens in the world, one, Vixen VRN 03 SP 85 is owned by the British Armoured Museum.
It does not run and is on permanent display.
The second is Vixen VRN 03 SP 83 (pictured above): privately owned, it runs and drives.
The vehicle is fitted with full Clansman intercom to all crew stations, it has Clansman 353 and 351 radios fitted and comes complete with 4 x headsets and aerials.
A brand new vehicle crew tent is included, along with most of its CES . It will be sold with a spare steering ram, 2 new sets of disc brakes, a quantity of consumables including plugs, belts, elements and tool kit, spare muffler, all the bins are full of CES, literally too much to list.
This vehicle is for sale for offers over AUD$120,000.
For any further information please call Located Belrose NSW Australia .
I can assist with interstate or Worldwide shipping at your cost .
Colin Brown 0061 427105762

Colin Brown: 0061 427105762

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